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The Best Semi and Hotshot Dispatching

We are NOT your typical Dispatch Company

Need to make more money and stay rolling?

Tired of dispatchers telling you they can NOT find you a load?

 Is your dispatcher just grabbing any load with no strategy and little profits?

Stop losing money and making low profits.

We will find the best paying loads in your area.

We will run you in the areas that have higher paying loads.

We are looking for your next loads way before you drop.

We are looking for that high paying loads while you are running.  

How we operate:

  • Find the best loads in your area and make sure the loads make sense. 

  • We make the calls and negotiate for a higher price. 

  • We fill out the packets and sign the rate con.

  • Send the rate con to you 

  • Start looking for your next load based on your expected drop time. 

  • If you have empty space and more available weight, grab a measuring tape and let us know. Let us fill that space up with a partial. 

  • If you are not getting loaded or unloaded in a timely manner, let us know. We will call the broker and fight for that detention time.

  • We invoice after you drop and you do not pay us until you get paid first. 

  • No force dispatch as you're the boss.

  • We help our customers ( that being YOU) with whatever may come up on the road. We work hard to make you the most money.  

Who We Represent:

  • We only dispatch for CDL OTR hotshots and semi's

  • Hotshots need to be able to payload at least 15K.  

  • We DO dispatch for new MC's as we know this is temporary and we're happy to help newbies. We have a list of brokers that will work with new MC's.



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